The production of offshore Flexibles involves complex processes requiring varying individual performances for quality control. Any deviations from the required standards can risk horrific consequences if failure occurs depending the application scenarios.

In order that the risks for future product failure are eliminated during the manufacturing processes, such as wire drawing, profile rolling / extruding, stranding and sheathing, Zumbach provides reliable solutions for the measurement of all critical parameters.

If continuously improving quality is your target, ss your specialty industry gas, oil, energy generation by wind farms, or wave power? Find out more about our modern measuring and control techniques for your application if your target is a better quality.

Step by step all values under control

From the first seconds of extrusion, ultrasonic measurement systems (Umac®) with up to eight real measurement points, allow the eccentricity, independently of the material temperature to be measured. Once the eccentricity of the cable is optimized, it comes down to the next stage of maintaining the required average wall thickness and then further to derive the minimum wall thickness limitation. These measurements are typically performed before and after the extruder by ODAC® and UMAC®. An additional measurement of the outside diameter at the end of the line allows the integration of the measured cold diameter value. This allows the determination of the shrinkage, which can thus be fed back within the process to realize optimum configuration.

Similar approaches generate quality improvements in pipe extrusion. At the beginning of the process, the eccentricity of the pipe must be brought under control, then the wall thickness and finally outer diameter as quickly as possible. The optimization of the wall thickness and the monitoring of the outside diameter is also ensured by the combined and cost-effective ultrasonic and laser measurement technology from Zumbach.