Low-maintenance solutions for the railway industry

Multi-Contact fork plugs transmit high levels of power with hardly any loss of power and heat

© Multi-Contact AG

© Multi-Contact AG

Rolling stock contains several consumers of electricity, such as doors, heating, or climate control systems, and even traction motors, which must all be supplied with the correct electrical power supply. Transformers and inverters change high voltages from the overhead cables into the required power supply voltage. In many of these inverters, power electronics that can be exchanged during maintenance are used.

Cable lugs used to be screwed to bolts, but today, slide-in systems are the norm. In collaboration with a manufacturer of traction converters, Multi-Contact has developed a customer-specific fork plug for printed circuit board units. The solution is lightweight and saves space in inverters and on printed circuit boards. The low-maintenance slide-in modules can be changed quickly and reliably, without any special tools.

Thanks to the tried-and-tested MULTILAM technology, contact resistance is low, and there is minimal power loss and hardly any rise in temperature. This means that the fork plug can be used in temperatures ranging from –55°C to +125°C. The contacts are vibration-resistant and are therefore suitable for use in the rail industry.

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Source: Multi-Contact AG