Increased efficiency in logistics and production processes

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The mobile lifter with integratedfrom the SCHNEIDER series of LKEweigh, count, meter, formulate, fill, document and can transport goods easily. Whether for simple, individual or demanding operations, LKE has just the right mobile lifter with integrated scales- available in steel or stainless steel!

Furthermore, all lifter with integrated scales in the SCHNEIDER series are compatible with other reputed weighing systems such as Systec or Mettler Toledo.

A high-precision design and engineering knowhow allows LKE to provide a variety of weighing solutions. Floating bearings in the weighing cells of multi-range scales, the repeat accuracy when weighing, multi-range and calibration capabaility of the ROBUSTO lifter with integrated scales ensures the user flexibility and reliability in day-to-day operations.

All of the products meet the standards set by the GMP, QHD and HACCP directives.

These benefits are best seen in the ROBUSTO PRIMA. This lifter with integrated scales not only replaces floor scales completely but offers a variety of functions with which material flow in processes is distinctly optimizedThe ROBUSTO PRIMA is used frequently where incoming goods are received. The long service life of the rechargeable batteries (around 40 hours, without printer) allow flexible working and the 20 mm back-lit screen means the operator can see the weight display in any situation. Ground clearance is 90 mm, lift is 100 mm and the weighing range is 10 to 2,000 kg. Among other extras, buffers, foot-operated brakes, tandem load rollers and built-in strip printers are available.

The ROBUSTO COMFORT is the best solution for demanding operations. Various interfaces for printer, Ehternet or WLAN connections are available and the equipment is optimally suited for additional functions such as metering or filling operations. The rotatable terminal with dust-proof, alpha-numerical membrane keypad means the display is always visible and provides for ergonomic working. Ground clearance, lift and weighing range are the same as the ROBUSTO PRIMA. Buffers to protect the weighing cells and tandem rollers are standard. Among other extras, foot-operated brakes, built-in strip printers, back-up batteries and remote displays are available.

The steel or stainless steel ROBUSTO COMÜPFORT EX is designed for use in Ex-zones and its supplementary functions make it especially suitable for metering or filling products. It features buffers, tandem rollers and various interfaces for Ethernet or WLAN connections and thus leaves nothing to be desired. A rotatable terminal with dust-protected keypad means the display is always in view and offers the best ergonomic working place. Furthermore, a variety of weighing ranges allow the best adaption to production processes and ensure the best possible weighing results.

Ground clearance, lift and weighing range are based on the ROBUSTO PRIMA data. The Ex rechargeable battery has a service life of approximately 140 hours and and can be replaced simply via the housing door in an Ex-zone. The ROBUSTO COMFORT EX is therefore ideal for deployment in multi-shift operations. The ROBUSTO COMFORT EX is approved for use in zones 1, 2, 21 and 22 and EX-class: II 2Gc IIB T4, II 2 Da 120° C - 20° C < Ta < +40° C. Among other extras, non-marking wheels, foot-operated brakes and back-up batteries are available.

The stainless steel ROBUSTO ULTRA is a universal mobile scales which can be used wherever data security is a priority. The calibratable memory demonstrably stores all of the data which can be reproduced whenever required. The equipment is equipped as standard with buffers to protect the weighing cells and a rotatable housing. Among the many options, calibratable data storage, remote display, scanner, WLAN and built-in strip printers are available.

Precise weighing results, cost-efficiency, GMP compatibility are just a few of the advantages which make the LKE mobile lifter with integrated scales from the SCHNEIDER line indispensable in logistics and production processes.

Source: LKE GmbH