InGaAs Line Arrays for Fast and High-Resolution Measurements

New Partnership: LASER COMPONENTS and Xenics


Xlin Array mix © 2014 LASER COMPONENTS GmbH

LASER COMPONENTS introduces a new partner: Belgium company Xenics whose detectors will be sold in Europe by the LASER COMPONENTS Group.

Xenics is one of the leading manufacturers of IR cameras and arrays; they just recently introduced the "Xlin" detector series into their portfolio. Xlin are multiplexed InGaAs line arrays for fast and high-resolution measurements.

The arrays are available with 1024 or 2048 pixels and a 12 μm pitch, the height of the element of which can vary: either 12.5 μm or 250 μm. The detectors are equipped with one-stage Peltier cooling; threestage cooling is also available on an optional basis. With the 1024-pixel detector, a line rate of 40 kHz can be achieved; whereas with the 2048-pixel detector, this value is 10 kHz.

The linear 1-D and 2-D InGaAs arrays are suitable for spectroscopic applications and imaging.