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Saarstahl orders new wire rod outlet from SMS group

© 2015 SMS Group

Loop laying head in a wire rod line. One of these will be installed in Saarstahl’s new wire rod delivery section. © 2015 SMS Group

Saarstahl AG has placed an order with SMS group for a new wire rod outlet for its Neunkirchen works, Germany. This new outlet will enable Saarstahl to react faster and more flexibly to the needs of its customers.

The new wire rod outlet will be installed downline of the existing intermediate train stands and parallel to the present rolling line. Core component is a four-stand MEERdrive®PLUS block. In addition, the outlet consists of cooling sections arranged partly in a loop, a high-speed shear, a loop laying head, a loop cooling conveyor with 3-fan technology, a coil station with dividing shear and an extension to the pallet transport system.

The high-speed shear that can crop the rolled bar at a maximum speed of 85 meters per second will be installed upstream of the four-stand MEERdrive®PLUS block. In order to achieve shorter changing times, the MEERdrive®PLUS block will be equipped with quick-change facilities. The loop cooling conveyor with 3-fan technology allows a more uniform temperature distribution in the wire rod coils compared with the single-fan technology. That increases the quality of the finished material.

Commissioning of the loop cooling section is scheduled for the beginning of 2016. The remaining new equipment will go into production in summer 2016. The ten-stand finishing block will then be moved into the new section and will go into production in the first quarter of 2017.

Source: SMS Group