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ROFIN presents products from the laser source to the turnkey laser system

© 2014 ROFIN-SINAR Laser GmbH

© 2014 ROFIN-SINAR Laser GmbH

Laser sources, systems and complete solutions for the whole range of industrial laser material processing applications, in widely varying industries – ROFIN offers one of the most comprehensive product portfolios worldwide.

The laser specialist is continuing to work on its further development and presented an array of new products and system generations at the LASYS in Stuttgart this year. Starting from perfected practice-oriented complete solutions, through even higher performance, integration-optimized laser sources, through to a broad spectrum of ultrashort pulse and short pulse laser systems.

System solutions from ROFIN – far more than just a laser workstation

Every complete system from ROFIN is far more than just a laser workstation. With a system from ROFIN, customers receive a tailor-made solution for their individual application. This immense, market-specific application know-how, forms the basis for the latest further developments in ROFIN's market-leading laser systems.
With a high-quality servo-controlled axis system, completely re-engineered CNC system and now also with fiber laser, the new Select Fiber from ROFIN is celebrating its premiere at this year's LASYS. ROFIN's Select has become one of the most widely used universal manual welding lasers worldwide for high-precision, CNC welding, with manual or semi-automatic part loading.

MPS, the industry-proven and well-established modular laser work-station has fast gained an excellent reputation for high-precision welding, cutting, drilling or structuring applications in a wide range of industries. ROFIN's success model is now available in 3 additional product versions; completing the MPS family: MPS Compact with its small footprint, MPS Rotary with rotary table and MPS Advanced for the high-precision µm-exact machining, with spacious working envelope of 1000 x 600 mm.

ROFIN already introduced the CombiLine Basic a year ago as a compact and cost efficient marking solution for medium to large quantities and is now presenting the extended variant with practical rotary table with the CombiLine Basic RT at the LASYS tradeshow.

The flexible and versatile EasyMark is one of the most compact desktop laser markers on the market. ROFIN is now offering a full-scale CAD extension for this model. It processes the CAD objects with the already programmed laser parameter sets that almost completely eliminates the repeated or subsequent Parameterization of the marking data after layout changes.

Laser sources – more power and simple integration

Maximum power combined with optimum ease of integration – that just about sums up ROFIN's new and further developments in this field.

From its broad fiber laser portfolio, ROFIN is showing no less than three laser sources from different power classes for a wide range of applications:

For high-precision micro material processing, ROFIN’s Swiss subsidiary ROFIN-LASAG is presenting the new long pulse fiber laser LFS 300. With an average power of 300 W and 30 J pulse energy, this new laser source offers twice the power of its sister mode, the LFS 150. The LFS systems generate pulses with up to 50 ms length and are therefore particularly suitable for the production of micro-contours with single pulses, such as SHADOW welding or cutting, or single-shot drilling and perforation with large aspect ratio.

For macro material processing, ROFIN has the latest model from its high-power fiber laser family on show with the FL 015 C. This new fiber laser that ROFIN is presenting for the first time at the LASYS 2014 offers unchanged compact dimensions but 50% more power. Thanks to more powerful pump modules, the smallest housing unit of the Compact version that has been especially developed for direct integration into existing machine concepts now offers 1,500 W power output instead of 1,000 W.

ROFIN is answering the customers' calls for higher welding and cutting powers with the FL 060 fiber laser. Thanks to the more powerful pump modules, ROFIN is able to generate the laser power of 6 kW from only 4 fiber laser units with corresponding power reserves. As with all the other models of the ROFIN FL Series, the FL 060 is extremely efficient and designed for maximum availability. The use of switchable fiber optics with diameters from 100 µm to 800 µm allows the laser quality to be precisely adapted to the processing application.

From its CO2 laser product spectrum, ROFIN is showing the “sealed-off” laser SR 10i at the LASYS. This laser, based on ROFIN's proven slab principle, has a power output of 125 W and a beam quality of K > 0.8 and is suitable for the processing of a wide spectrum of materials, including plastics, rubber and textiles. Scribing and cutting of alumina ceramics and the processing of acrylic materials are ideal applications for the SR 10i. Thanks to its compact and lightweight design, the SR 10i can be ideally employed in the harshest of industrial environments and easily mounted on robot arms.

From the successful range of ultracompact marking lasers, ROFIN is presenting the flexible PowerLine Prime 15 at the LASYS. The PowerLine Prime range includes preconfigured, compact and easily integrated marking systems. These laser sources have outstanding focusing ability that enables high marking resolutions to be achieved and impress with low operating costs.

ROFIN – the expert for short and ultrashort pulse solutions

For more than nine years now, ROFIN has been the partner for industrial ultrashort pulse applications and is the pioneer in this field. With StarFemto FX, StarPico, PowerLine Pico and the X-Lase products, ROFIN is the only supplier to be able to offer its customers a complete spectrum of ultrashort pulse and short pulse laser sources with the corresponding complete solutions. All the systems are designed for continuous operation in industrial production. At the LASYS ROFIN is presenting the femtosecond laser StarFemto FX and the picosecond lasers StarPico and PowerLine Pico.

The femtosecond laser StarFemto FX is ideally suited for cold processing in structuring, cutting, drilling and marking of all materials without damaging the workpieces. It enables even particularly hard, brittle or thermally sensitive materials to be processed with the highest precision. The StarFemto FX is a very flexible industrial tool: The pulse repetition rate can be set between single pulse and 1 MHz, and the pulse length between 300 fs and 10 ps. The laser is available in the wavelengths 1030 nm (infrared), 515 nm (green) and 343 nm (UV).

With pulse lengths of 15ps and repetition rates up to 20 MHz, the StarPico is ideally suited to the structuring of metals and thin films. It can be used wherever the extremely short pulses of the StarFemto FX are not absolutely essential but practically cold processing is nevertheless required. The StarPico already uses the advanced hybrid MOPA design, making the system even more reliable. The StarPico combines the highest availability with an intelligent concept for maintenance and repair in the field.

With its pulse length of 800 ps, the PowerLine Pico on the other hand is predestined for marking and engraving and for thin film ablation and structuring. The extremely high, variable pulse frequency of 200 to 800 kHz ensures fast processing and allows maximum pulse-to-pulse overlap.

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