Fewer cables, more flexibility!

SMARTEK Vision Giganetix series now with Power over Ethernet


SMARTEK Vision Giganetix now with Power over Ethernet © FRAMOS GmbH

Cables are expensive, need space and can be the source of errors. Power over Ethernet (PoE) is a technology standard that allows Ethernet components to be supplied with power via the data cable. The Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) camera series from SMARTEK Vision, which was specially developed for industrial use, now supports this standard and can be operated via a single cable as a separate power supply line is no longer needed.

The cost-effective matrix cameras from the experts at SMARTEK Vision in Croatia include a 10-24V power supply via the GPIO port. Installation and maintenance costs are significantly reduced when operating with PoE, as less cabling is required in space-critical systems. Despite the further development of the internal power supply unit, the compact dimensions (35x35x48mm) of the Giganetix camera body remain the same. The reverse polarity protection at the external voltage input has been extended, and the RJ45 network connector has been rotated 180° to improve accessibility.

Dr. Ronald Müller from FRAMOS, exclusive distributor for SMARTEK Vision: ‘With Power over Ethernet, SMARTEK Vision is responding to increased demand for flexibility and space saving, mainly from the Asian market. PoE simplifies the integration of Giganetix cameras into a variety of industrial applications and enables adaptation to individual system requirements at a very competitive price. SMARTEK Vision offers every customer a promise of cost-effective quality, reliable service with excellent system stability and a 3-year warranty.

In addition to PoE, Giganetix cameras from SMARTEK Vision are available with 17 Sony, Aptina or Truesense Imaging CCD and CMOS sensors from VGA to 10MPixel. Giganetix cameras meet the requirements of industrial applications thanks to their very low recording latency, programmable exposure times, low thermal noise, binning and partial scan for increased frame rate as well as full GigE® and Gen(i)Cam® compatibility. The compact, rugged body has excellent shock and vibration resistance and can be perfectly incorporated into existing image processing systems.

Source: Framos GmbH