NIEHOFF ENDEX had the opportunity to welcome about 55 visitors for its biennial Open House event at its facility in Swedesboro NJ. The one and a half day event started on the afternoon of Tuesday October 7th with an Oktoberfest dinner & ended on Wednesday afternoon after a half day of valuable presentation.

The Niehoff Open House is a tradition we all look forward to every two years. It is meant to help Niehoff customers and guests learn more about the Niehoff organizations and meet the people that make the organization work. The company strives to maintain a casual background during this event to allow its guests to learn about the latest technologies while enjoying their visit.

Customers representing different organizations in North America attended the event. Partners attending the 2014 Open House included: Klaus Eichelmann from Reber Systems “RESY”, Holger Jukereit from Schmidt Maschinenfabrik & Ralph Bürkle (REDEX / Bühler Würz) and HFSAB.

Also present were several suppliers to the industry: John Downey & Kevin Johnson from Fort Wayne Wire Die, Troy Carr & Justin Steigerwald from Bechem Lubricants, Michael Waterman from RTD Manufacturing & Chris Hauer from Howar Equipment.

The event started on Tuesday afternoon with a brief tour of the facility. The visitors were able to inspect a rod breakdown line EDR15 equipped with an AUD2000 rod payoff, and R501 annealer, a EWC3.5 dancer and the ECC42 continuous coiler. NENA also showed its D1001 Double Twist Buncher, a couple of Vertical Braiders BMV16 & BMV124 and a new process to strand multiwire Copper Alloy CuMg0.2 for the automotive cable industry using the D631 double twist Buncher.  And last but not least we also displayed the Ultra-Fine Wire Drawing line MKN101 with Integrated resistance annealer for precious metals.

Oktoberfest Celebration

Later on, everyone enjoyed German Food, Beer and Music during our Oktoberfest Celebration-Evening which was held in a traditional Beer Tent on the facility’s front lawn. Weather cooperated great with sunshine, and rain only after the event had been finished.

Technical Sessions

Robert Wild kicked off the Wednesday morning presentations with a welcome note to all attendees, partners and OEMs. Arnd Kulaczewski, NIEHOFF’s Managing Director, summarized the latest NIEHOFF Innovations. To address the latest trends in the automotive industry, Bernd Lohmueller presented a comprehensive and interesting “Manufacturing Solutions for Alternative Materials to Copper for Automotive Wires”. He was followed by Troy Carr and his presentation titled “A New Era in Wire Drawing Lubricants”.  After a short break, Klaus Eichelmann delighted the audience with his “The missing puzzle part for an effective and productive drawing process!” presentation and finally Rolf Wurmbach concluded the presentation sessions with “Keep your Investment Safe & Running: Beneficial Advice Maintaining Your Equipment”

Customers and guests who attended the event agreed that the event was a good opportunity to network with the behind the scenes people at Niehoff Endex North America. The 2014 Open House attendance met all NENA’s expectations.


In short, the Open House event provided a good Forum for Niehoff to communicate with its customers and listen to their feedback.