Decentral­ised connection and high-performance solution of positioning tasks

© 2015 Weidmüller

Weidmüller "u-remote": 5 V and 24 V SSI sensors can be connected decentrally and positioning tasks solved using the high-performance "SSI absolute value encoder" SSI module © 2015 Weidmüller

New SSI module and 230 VAC module

– Decentral­ised connection and high-performance solution of positioning tasks with the “SSI absolute encoder” SSI module
– Decentralised recording of 110/230 VAC signals and processing of high AC voltage signals with the 230 VAC module
– Each individual channel is galvanically isolated

Weidmüller offers two new modules for its “u-remote” remote I/O system. Firstly, the SSI module for decentralised connection of SSI absolute encoders – the high-performance solution for positioning tasks. The SSI standard has become established in machine construction for reading absolute encoder data, “u-remote” facilitates and simplifies the use of SSI solutions. Secondly, the 230 VAC module which is used for the decentralised recording of 110/230 VAC signals and processing of high-voltage AC signals. “u-remote” records up to four different voltages via a single I/O module, whereby each individual channel is galvanically isolated.

Connect SSI absolute encoders decentrally

In many applications it is important to precisely record positions. Thanks to their serial data transmission, Synchronous Serial Interfaces (SSI) reliably transmit absolute data and deliver precise information on position. All standard SSI encoders are easy to connect and communicate bidirectionally with the master via various field buses having the new single channel “u-remote” SSI module from Weidmüller.

The new “u-remote” module is perfectly suited to machine construction requirements: It uses the proven SSI standard as the simple and high-performance solution for positioning tasks. Thanks to the real-time capable “u-remote” system bus, even the fastest positioning tasks can be automated with the SSI module – at an internal transmission rate of 48 MBit/s. Field bus integration is also simple: transmission rate, data format and data width can be parameterised by the user, so the “u-remote” SSI module can be adapted to its specific task.

The new “u-remote” module is equally well suited for 5 V and 24 V SSI encoders, also in fast applications. An FE connection also allows direct connection of the required cable shielding.

The single-channel SSI module (RS-422 difference signal) provides for various transmission rates: 125 kHz, 250 kHz, 500 kHz, 1 MHz, 1.5 MHz and 2 MHz. The delay time can be set over a wide range (1 μs, 2 μs, 4 μs, 8 μs, 16 μs, 32 μs, 48 μs and 64 μs). The data width is 8 to 32 bit with binary and Gray code data formats. The SSI mode is selectable as listening or master mode. The cable has a max. length of 320 m at 125 kHz and is shielded.

Record 110/230 VAC signals decentrally

Some applications in machine construction, such as heating systems, require the use of higher voltages. The new “u-remote” 4DI-2W-230V-AC module now also processes high AC voltages And thanks to reliable galvanic isolation, each individual channel can read up to four different voltages on an I/O module. The most space-saving remote I/O currently on the market is now also suitable for 110/230 VAC inputs – and is open for common field bus systems.

The new “u-remote” 230 VAC module acts as a flexible, simply pluggable solution for recording up to four different voltages. 110/230 VAC signals with 50/60 Hz and compatible in accordance with EN 61131-2 Type 3 (P-switching). Sensors, such as encoders, switches and proximity sensors can be connected at each of the four inputs (2-wire connection). Users can set the input filter channel-by-channel, the input delay is 10 ms. Galvanic isolation of 4 kV is implemented between the channels, as well as between the channels and power supply. Extensive accessories, such as coding elements, various types of swivel, connection and module markers round off the range.

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