Conneaut Industries, Inc., has named John Mancinelli to fill a new National Sales Manager position at this leading specialty yarn supplier.

Conneaut Industries is a global supplier of specialty fibers used in applications for wire and cable, magnet wire, composites and industrial markets. The company processes high performance industrial yarns, binder yarns, ripcords, braiding yarns and serving yarns. Conneaut’s product line includes E-glass, S2 glass, polyglass, PTFE-coated fiberglass, KlassCore®, DynaCore®, ConnCore® and others.

Mancinelli, an industrial engineer, comes from 15 years at AGY, where he was engaged as a product engineer and regional sales manager. Before AGY John worked 11 years at Owens-Corning as production supervisor. In addition to his new sales assignment, he brings excellent engineering skills, yarn processing expertise and customer support experience to Conneaut, where he will work closely with John Santos, President.

“The Conneaut family is pleased to welcome John Mancinelli. He brings a wealth of knowledge, sales and technical skills with a clear focus to grow our company,” said Mr. Santos.