Homer Electric Association’s new power plant is officially up and running, and Colorado Wire & Cable is happy to count the Alaskan electrical company among its long list of satisfied wire and cable clients.

Colorado Wire & Cable supplied wire and cable to the Soldotna Combustion Turbine, one part of HEA’s $180 million Independent Light project. The electrical company embarked on the project with the aim of producing all of its own power, increasing output, and decreasing its reliance on fossil fuels. Prior to January of this year, the company, which serves the lower Kenai Peninsula in Alaska, had purchased most of its energy from the Chugach Electric Association in Anchorage.

Colorado Wire & Cable Okonite products currently course through and power the 48 MW LM 6000 Soldotna turbine, which is one of two plants used as a backup source of power. Colorado Wire and Cable supplied products to the NAES Corporation, a contractor which worked directly with HEA on the Soldotna project.

Colorado Wire & Cable has a variety of products to meet the needs for all types of power plants, but is eager to support more companies like HEA.

Based in Denver, Colorado Wire & Cable frequently works within the power and utility industry to provide electrical wire and cable for various types of power plants, including those powered by nuclear, hydro, solar and wind energy.