Best-in-Class-folding machines

Schröder Group with three industrial folding machines at FABTECH

© Schröder Group

Folding machine SPB Evolution UD © Schröder Group

The Schröder sales partner Metalforming Inc. makes the most powerful folding machines a star of its show on the American market (Stand S3988): the MAK 4 Evolution UD with automatic tool changer and suction gauge and the SPB Evolution UD. The MAK 4 Evolution UD with a working length of 4000 mm is able to bend up to 5 mm thick steel sheets – surface-protecting and with highest repeat accuracy.

Also with its second exhibited machine Metalforming pursues a policy to offer Best-in-Class-machines: the PowerBend Professional with Up-and-Down-folding beam, rotating clamping beam and the innovative suction gauge with suction cups.

The folding machines of the Evolution-series are setting new standards in folding heavy metal sheets. Where a folding press was once the only way, protection films had to be applied and several employees had been necessary for a better handling, now only one single metal worker is able to process large-format work pieces such as façade elements.

The automatic tool changer not only facilitates the handling with the rigid tool segments but also makes the machine extremely flexible. Interrupting the series production for an urgent single piece with an MAK 4 Evolution machine is not a major effort: the machine is able to set-up its tools automatically, controlled via the software POS 3000 which was developed by Schröder.

The capabilities of this software with 3D-display and folding program simulations are especially emphasized by Metalforming. One example is the Radius-Step-Bending-function where the clamping beam bends against the bottom beam and the folding beam. Folding machines from Schröder are able to perform these random numbers of fine steps with highest perfection.

Semi-automation in the industrial entry-level segment

The PowerBend Professional UD is one example of how a robust versatile folding machine for thin sheet metal applications can turn into a high-performance machine for large-volume series production just because of its equipment. The suction gauge - in combination with the bi-directional folding beam - makes it possible to handle the complete processing of a sheet edge at the push of one button.

The unique fixing by suction cups provides for highest precision - manual interventions are reduced to a minimum. The new gauge option is also solving one problem: For the first time plates that cannot be positioned precisely with the standard back gauge due to cutouts or radii can now be gauged reliably. As tool changer the PowerBend Professional comes up with a solution that is as simple as it is ingenious: With the rotating clamping beam additional tool stations with geometries that offer other clearances can be prepared and provided in no time.

Source: Schröder Group