Artificial DNA to prevent from copper cable thefts

The theft of copper cables to the wind turbines ENERTRAG will soon be history. "We have decided to mark the cables of all wind turbines and our inventory with artificial DNA," explains Konrad Iffarth, head of the control room of the energy company.

In the past there have been several thefts. "To prevent this, we have decided to take this step." the company gets this support from the police. Gerald Pillkuhn, spokesman for the Uckermark police is convinced: "Marks with artificial DNA will deter thieves."

Many businesses as well as residents initiatives have already made use of the possibility of marking. "The marking is carried out by means of a transparent liquid, which is provided with an individual DNA code. The liquid is applied to the respective subjects, in this case the cable. In addition, the liquid has a small encoded metal plate. This code allows the police the assignment of the selected object and its owner. Thereby, the detection rate of thefts increased. "

Labeling with artificial DNA is a preventive step against crime. "Of course it is also important to prevent yield losses. Because a cable theft puts a plant once silent. We want to prevent," said company spokesman Robert Doering.

Source: Enertrag AG