ATGF 1500 battery test equipment

Supports e bike rechargeable batteries used by Derby Cycle, Gazelle, Simplon and ZEG


ATGF 1500 © 2014

The ATGF 1500 multifunction battery test equipment for rechargeable batteries and battery chargers, which is tailored to meet the needs of electric bicycle (e bike) specialized dealers, is available from starting May, 2014.

The easy-to-use ATGF 1500 is suitable for almost all e bike rechargeable battery systems used by the e bike manufacturers Derby Cycle, Gazelle, Simplon and ZEG. After a certified half-day course, users of the ATGF 1500 are able to perform test and maintenance processes - directly onsite in their own workshops - relevant for the safe operation of e bike rechargeable battery systems.

The ATGF 1500 enables fast functional testing of rechargeable batteries and battery chargers. In addition, in capacity tests, it can determine the remaining capacity of the rechargeable battery according to the IEC standard and in relation to the number of charge and discharge cycles as well as evaluate its calendar age. Furthermore, if required, a special program of the ATGF 1500 enables a recalibration of the capacity display of the rechargeable battery. After test completion, a test protocol is created, which contains the previously requested customer and dealer addresses, all information about the tested rechargeable battery or battery charger as well as the test result.

With the comprehensive test, maintenance, and calibration options of the ATGF 1500, an important part of the rechargeable battery competence is transferred to the e bike dealer. Being able to immediately and reliably analysis possible sources of error onsite, therefore, contributes significantly to customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

The ATGF 1500 has been so designed that not only almost all current e bike rechargeable battery systems used by Derby Cycle, Gazelle, Simplon and ZEG can be tested, but new developments can also be easily tested by the simple uploading of corresponding updates via the internet.

Detailed information about the ATGF 1500 battery test equipment and certified courses offered in this context can be requested by sending an email to