The company ADVARIS has recently received from SAP the certification “SAP Certified – Integration with SAP Applications” for its solution ADVARIS Cable MES 4.0. By awarding this certification, SAP confirms that the solution is integrable into the application SAP Supply Chain Management (SAP SCM) 5.1. For the system developer from Bruchsal, Germany this certificate represents a significant milestone in the integration of the ADVARIS Cable Manufacturing Execution System (MES) with SAP software. Length-based manufacturers can integrate ADVARIS Cable as a sector-specific production scheduling tool in SAP SCM. Commenting on the “bridge” that ADVARIS has now succeeded in building to the SAP software, CEO Dr. Manfred Moser says: “Users who in addition to our detailed planning tool also use the comprehensive functions of ADVARIS for shop floor control and production data capturing can realize a complete latest generation MES system in the SAP environment.”

ADVARIS Cable performs fully automatic loading of the manufacturing orders from the SAP system and then synchronizes changes that occur. The program also takes into account the availability of materials in detailed planning. In order to do this, the MES downloads the material stocks from the SAP system and keeps them updated. The target criteria for detailed planning are adherence to the deadlines for production orders, and minimizing the set-up time of the machines. By optimizing the workflow sequences, the ADVARIS software cuts to a minimum the number and duration of idle times per machine.

For detailed planning, ADVARIS offers a simulation environment in which the system draws up a resource allocation plan as a proposal for the production planner, who can then make changes manually and test out planning alternatives. The program then fixes the planner’s manual changes and integrates them into the automatic detailed planning. Once this detailed planning has been approved by the production planner, the planning result is uploaded into SAP SCM.

Changes in order data in the SAP application, such as due dates and target quantities, are available online in ADVARIS MES. This enables users to react speedily, even to changes which occur at short notice. Manfred Moser comments on this flexibility: “The status of the machines and all relevant events in manufacturing are recorded by ADVARIS MES in real time, thus providing an ideal factual basis for detailed planning which ensures fast reaction times and relevance to the real situation.”