PM 04 Art at wire 2014: Dynamic wire sculptures by Stefanie Welk

Wire-art and industry – a tightly entwined liaison, to which artist Stefanie Welk from Heidelberg has devoted herself in her atelier in Mannheim. At wire 2014, in the entrance area of hall 15, transparent sculptures will be shown which Welk has bent, knotted and welded from wire material.

In this way, metal turns into a light and air permeable medium of spiritual currents, which penetrate her figures and at the same time emanate from them.

Her wire sculptures portray people and their various approaches to the world: Here mythological beings emerge from tightly wound figures, later on even spherical shapes, often dynamic groups of people made of entwined wires. In addition to wire, wood and steel are also used.

Welk‘s figures appear to follow the urge to push themselves beyond their limits, to stretch themselves and to connect. With harmony but also with contemplation, they fit in between the exhibitor’s machinery and plants.

At wire 2014, they want to inspire the viewer, make room for own thoughts and radiate tranquility. Since 1996, Stefanie Welk has regularly exhibited her latest creations at wire in Düsseldorf.

Fotos attached:
"Aufbruch" (Departure), stainless steel wire, knotted, 150 X 130 X 40 cm

"Casual" stainless steel wire, welded, 170 X 50 X 50 cm

" Wir durchschauen uns" (We see through each other), 250 X 250 X 180 cm

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