Approaches for large-scale green steel production


The pilot plant was put into operation on 2 December 2021 (Source: Paul Wurth/SMS)

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The primary blast furnace route is still the most important source of iron and steel (Source: Kateryna Babaieva/pexels)

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EasyMelt is designed to operate with a fifth of the current consumption of 300 kg of coke and 200 kg of pulverised coal injection, as long as sufficient hydrogen is not available (source: think.steel)

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Operation of a blast furnace using the Midrex process (Source: Midrex Technologies Inc.)

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The federal government and the state of North Rhine-Westphalia are subsidising the construction and operation of thyssenkrupp Steel's first direct reduction plant to the tune of 2 billion euros. (Source: thyssenkrupp)