United Cast Bar Ltd.

Lloyds Marine Approval for UCB UK

UCB UK’s range of continuous cast iron material grades in Flake and Nodular iron received Lloyd’s Register’s Marine Type Approval for the supply of continuous cast iron. This Marine Type Approval ensures that Unibar material grades can be utilised in critical duties within the marine industry.

Lloyd’s Register is an impartial certification service that provides third-party verification of a product’s conformance to specific standards or specifications and to the use of appropriate, quality manufacturing systems.  According to various customers and our own sales team across the world there is a growing international awareness of the importance of third-party certification such as Lloyd’s Register.

Prior to granting certification, Lloyd’s Register personnel reviewed, tested the Unibar Flake and Nodular grades to validate compliance with industry codes and standards. They also witnessed and reviewed documented product performance tests that confirmed the integrity and functional performance of the material.

We look forward to developing our business within the marine industry and look forward to receiving your enquiries.