Safal Infosoft Pvt. Ltd.

With DataNote’s ERP Solutions, Enhance Your Organization’s Decision-making Capabilities.

The ERP software gathers all the enterprise data and processes to generate real-time information. Organizations can use all the insights to streamline business processes and lower operational costs through best practices. DataNote is a leading ERP and CRM solution service that helps businesses to implement cloud-based ERP solutions without compromising data security.

An ERP system, when integrated, allows businesses to automate every process associated with the management of businesses. Riding on this automation, businesses not only save a significant amount of resources but also aim for strategic growth. With a constant flow of data and better insight, it improves the decision-making process in any business organization. Looking at the growing need for an ERP system in a business venture, Mr. Dipak Makwana launched his venture Smart Business Solution (SBS) in 2006. He was later joined by his brother Mr. Mayur Makwana in 2009 and the company became a private Limited Company with the new name of SAFAL INFOSOFT PVT. LTD.

Together, they developed and launched India’s OPENLOGIC Framework-based ERP solution DataNote in 2016 in order to change the ERP, CRM, and HRMS landscape of India. DataNote is dedicated to allowing businesses to integrate cloud-based ERM systems while mitigating the risk of data theft simultaneously. DataNote’s copyrighted OpenLogic framework offers organizations better data security as they do not have to share any data, business logic, trade secrets, operation logic, and formulas with the third-party implementation partner. Unlike the traditional ERM implementation, DataNote provides businesses with a unique opportunity to safeguard their confidential data. Their sophisticated OpenLogic Technology has two components - Structure Engine and Logic Engine. Their clients have complete control over the logic engine which is why their ERP platform is equipped with advanced data security and privacy. 

In order to ensure the effectiveness of their ERP implementation, DataNote pays a great deal of attention to analyzing the key areas of an organization and developing a strategic plan for implementation. The IoT-based ERP systems make businesses Industry 4.0 ready and allow them to gain a competitive edge. Businesses from any sector and or any scale can benefit from their OpenLogic framework-based ERP platform as it is multi-company and multi-language enabled. The key modules in DataNote’s ERP solution include CRM, HRMS, Assets Management, Machine Planning, DMS, and Dealer Network Management which are fully integrated into the core product.

Moreover, all of their development and service units are ISO / IEC 27001:2013 certified which assures the credibility and safety of their ERP solution. The enterprise solutions firm cater to the ERP implementation needs of 20+ industry domains including industries like engineering, food & beverages, metal processing, plastic & rubber, casting & forging, Chemical & pharma, solar & electronics, garment & textile, building material, and healthcare. DataNote also does not charge any technical Annual Maintenance Cost (AMC) to keep their product both affordable and scalable for the SMEs. DataNote is a team of 50+ skilled professionals who have served more than 10,000 clients in 250+ successful projects. As the world is entering the era of the fourth industrial revolution, DataNote seeks to make ERP implementation hassle-free and cost-effective for businesses.

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