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The new Mobile Welder OC Plus

May we introduce the new Mobile Welder OC Plus!

Do you want to produce consistently high-quality weld seams regardless of where you are working? Then the Mobile Welder OC Plus is just right for you. Our product manager Christoph Dämmig will answer all your important questions about the new power source.

  • How did you come up with the idea of developing the Mobile Welder OC Plus?
    The idea for the Mobile Welder OC Plus came about during our visits to customers. Our customers' welding jobs are varied and range from prefabrication at a fixed workstation to installation work in plants and on construction sites. The orbital power source has to meet different requirements here. With our proven orbital welding power source Orbimat 180 SW and the newly developed Mobile Welder OC Plus, we offer our customers an optimal choice. The Orbimat 180 SW convinces with its clarity and user-friendliness and covers all requirements in prefabrication. The Mobile Welder OC Plus, on the other hand, is perfect for mobile use and thus suitable for installation work.
  • What is the Mobile Welder OC Plus?
    The Mobile Welder OC Plus is our first portable orbital welding power source designed specifically for tube installations. With the new power source, it is now possible to bring the consistently high quality of orbital welding to hard-to-reach work areas. The Mobile Welder OC Plus is based on the strengths of the Orbimat 180 SW and is therefore perfectly suited to any challenge in modern tube construction.
  • What are the advantages of the new power source?
    A major advantage of the Mobile Welder OC Plus is its compact and lightweight design. We have succeeded in keeping the use of materials as low as possible while at the same time equipping the power source with the latest information and communication technology. The Mobile Welder OC Plus can be transported with just one hand and is thus equipped for any task and any location. In addition, it impresses with its simple and intuitive operation as well as low familiarisation and training requirements. So that our customers can also connect a TIG manual torch to the power source, we have integrated a manual welding mode into the software. This allows the customer to switch between manual and orbital welding mode depending on their requirements. Ultimately, with the Mobile Welder OC Plus, the customer gets an all-rounder that is flexible and versatile in use.
  • Where can the Mobile Welder OC Plus be used?
    The power source can be used anywhere in tube construction where tubes are welded. This applies above all to process plant construction in the semiconductor, food and pharmaceutical industries.
  • What are the main differences between the Mobile Welder OC Plus and the Smart Welder OM 180 SW?
    The Orbimat 180 SW is a machine that is mainly used for stationary prefabrication work in production. The power source has a large, clear display and enables simple and intuitive operation. The Mobile Welder OC Plus, on the other hand, has a robust, compact and, above all, lightweight design. As a portable power source, the Mobile Welder OC Plus can be used both stationary and mobile. In addition, it is possible to connect a TIG manual torch to the Mobile Welder OC Plus, allowing even greater flexibility in use. 
  • Why is there a manual welding mode?
    The manual welding mode is a software user interface specifically designed to meet the needs of manual welding. Here, the customer can enter his manual welding parameters and monitor the welding process on the basis of the displayed welding ramp. The integration of the manual welding mode offers customers the possibility to carry out tacking work at any time for a good preparation of the pipes. Likewise, manual pipe joints can be welded in places that are inaccessible with the orbital welding head. It is possible to switch flexibly between orbital and manual welding modes. At the same time, the amount of equipment required on site is significantly reduced. Manual and orbital welding with one device - only the Mobile Welder combines this.
  • Which welding heads can be connected? All welding heads from Orbitalum can be connected to the Mobile Welder OC Plus - regardless of whether they are gas-cooled or liquid-cooled.
  • How is the interface operated?
    The Mobile Welder OC Plus is operated intuitively and can be used in three different ways. There is a touch display, a rotary control with several softkeys and the option of connecting an external keyboard. The graphical user interface is designed in the same way as our tried-and-tested Orbimat 180 SW, and all welding programmes are also interchangeable between power sources.
  • Is the Mobile Welder OC Plus really portable?
    Yes, the Mobile Welder OC Plus is truly portable and can even be carried with one hand. We have attached a carrying handle and a shoulder strap for this purpose. The Mobile Welder OC Plus weighs approximately 21 kg including the cooling unit.
  • What is included in the delivery?
    The delivery includes a Mobile Welder, the ORBICOOL MW cooling unit, a hose set and coolant.
  • What services can customers expect from Orbitalum Tools?
    We offer our customers a comprehensive service - starting with advice, through the commissioning of our products, to our technical support. For us, the needs of our customers are the focus and it is important to us to provide reliable and quick support when questions arise.
Have we aroused your interest? Would you like more information about the Mobile Welder OC Plus? Please feel free to contact us!

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