Suzuki Garphyttan AB

The global footprint means the world to Suzuki Garphyttan and its customers

It all started in 1906, in the small village Garphyttan in the heart of Sweden. Today, Suzuki Garphyttan is a global and well-known player with more than 600 dedicated employees, creating innovative steel wire products for high-performance applications in a wide range of industries.

In addition to the flexibility, quality and reliability, it is the global footprint that distinguishes Suzuki Garphyttan from other players in the market. Ola Ericsson, Program Manager Non-Automotive and Business Area Manager APAC, says:
“We can quickly and smoothly meet local needs, thanks to our own production facilities in Sweden, the US, Mexico, China and England and through our owner Nippon Steel with facilities in Japan, China and Thailand. We are a global corporation with a unique local understanding and have the great advantage that our Best Practice Programme gives us access to all the knowledge that has been built up in Suzuki Garphyttan around the world.”

Ola explains that collaboration within Suzuki Garphyttan is a prerequisite for the success of all development work. The collaboration ensures that both manufacturing processes and equipment are constantly refined, while at the same time facilitating localisation of products that are relevant to each market.

Material supplies are secured by a mix of global steel suppliers, but also through development in partnership with local suppliers.
“This means that we can maintain high quality, while at the same time ensuring a stable supply of wire to customers in each region.”

Manufacturing footprint development
Suzuki Garphyttan is now investing heavily in development and making significant investments in all production facilities in order to be able to offer high-quality products in more product areas, for example in forming and annealing. One example is the shaped wire with cross-sections that can be rectangular, flat, or trapezoid. This type of wire has previously mainly been produced in the Suzuki Garphyttan factories in Leeds and Garphyttan, but the company will now be able, thanks to the investments made, to also produce them locally, and with the same high quality, at plants in China and North America. “Local production is important for us to continue to offer our customers high quality, flexibility and service levels, with short lead times and the possibility of rapid deliveries for new projects,” states Ola Ericsson.

Many benefits of a strong footprint
Being able to offer customers wire of the same high quality from several different units gives a number of advantages. It is about reducing environmental impact and transport costs, but also about how local communications simplify the whole process.
“In addition, it means that we have reliable backup alternatives, should problems arise in any part of the supply chain.”

Suzuki Garphyttan has also invested in a new, state-of-the-art business system to control flows within the supply chain.

“Our goal is for the new business system to support our units and employees with wellfounded data, improving control of everything from suppliers and production to quality and sales. When we have implemented the business system, we hope it will be truly beneficial to our customers as well," says Ola.

Width in both products and steel grades
After many years of cooperation with the automotive industry and its high demands, Suzuki Garphyttan has built up a bank of knowledge and experience that is difficult to beat. As the world changes, not least in the automotive industry, the global wire manufacturer’s offer has broadened. The goal is to be a complete supplier of wire made from carbon steel, low alloy steel, stainless steel and other high-alloy materials.

Already today it is largely about products for applications that have high demands with regard to fatigue, corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance.
“Our levels of knowledge of surfaces and surface testing are extremely high, and we are currently developing duplex for slicklines and spring applications,” says Ola Ericsson and looks forward to telling you more about innovative products and almost unlimited possibilities during Wire Düsseldorf 2022.

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