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SCR: Automatic 2D control unit for large quantities

Not everyone is familiar with our SCR profile checking device. This has now been redesigned and is perfect for the final inspection of small springs and small parts and for sorting out dirty batches.
Today we will introduce you to the features of this versatile, fast and easy-to-use machine.

Versatility: The SCR is suitable for fast and highly accurate 2D measurement of the contour of the part lying on the glass plate, such as
- Compression springs with lengths from 3 to 50 mm
- Torsion springs that can be measured without supports on the plate
- Flat molded parts (rings and clamps)

Workpiece detection: automatic via camera, without sensors and independent of the position on the turntable. A second camera for measuring the height of the workpiece would be possible.

Software: simple and intuitive; the operator enters the geometries to be tested and their tolerances. The tool selects the springs based on the read values and saves them in the statistical management software.

Loading: The linear vibrator that places the parts on the rotary table can be loaded via a vibratory feeder bowl or manually.

Selection: The springs can be selected in two ways:
- By a two-way compressed air pulse for fast sorting
- By pneumatic 3-way sorting switch

Crates: a crate changing system can be incorporated to increase automation and reduce operator effort

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