NDC Technologies Inc. (BETA LaserMike Products)

Nordson Measurement & Control Solutions upgrades Ultrascan DSP Pro ultrasonic gauges with a new Embedded Webserver

Nordson Measurement & Control Solutions (formerly NDC Technologies), a leading global provider of intelligent, connected sensors and gauging systems, is known across the industry for its BETA LaserMike Products line for the wire, cable, pipe, and tube markets. In 2018, the company introduced UltraScan DSP Pro, the most powerful ultrasonic wall thickness and concentricity gauge in the industry. Listening closely to the marketplace and customer needs, the R&D team at Nordson MCS has recently taken this incredible tool to the next level by developing a new integrated webserver.

The UltraScan DSP Pro’s NEW Embedded Webserver opens a window into the process providing useful data by displaying product centering, wall thickness, eccentricity, diameter, and echo waveforms. All this information enables operators to quickly set up making good product – eliminating scrap, and effectively monitor the product specifications. The NEW Webserver can be integrated with external laser OD measurements, line speed (encoder/LaserSpeed), and other digital inputs/outputs. Additionally, it eliminates the need for a PC-based control application or separate controller, enhancing UltraScan’s ease of use and lowering its total cost of ownership. Other benefits include product recipe creation & storage, settings and tolerance configuration, and internal diagnostics capabilities. Also, Fieldbus configuration files and manuals are conveniently stored inside the USDSP and easily accessed.

“The new Webserver further enhances the capabilities of an already outstanding gauge,” says Andrew Grady, Senior Market Manager of Nordson MCS. “This technological improvement once again demonstrates Nordson's commitment to its customers as well as our desire to continue to invest in research and development to provide ever more innovative and effective solutions.”

The Webserver will be integrated as standard on all new Ultrascan DSP Pro systems and enabled via a license. For upgrades on existing systems, we recommend contacting your local account manager. 

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