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New range of setting machines for fast and effective setting of small to medium-sized ground or unground compression springs

Dear customer,
the new RDZ model series of setting machines is even faster and easier to operate and convert. Consumption and operating noise have been further reduced.
In addition to the RDZ500, there is now also the RDZ900, which can set springs up to 10kN.

Technical features:
- Motorized setting station with setting cycle to length or block
- Setting on guide mandrels, for small spring diameters also in guide bushes
- Alignment of non-ground springs (optional)
- Automatic or manual loading for small quantities
- Industry 4.0 connectivity

Most important key features:
Set-up time: even faster and easier spring changes
Automatic feeding: easily adaptable with the MicroStudio system, but also with systems from other suppliers
Ergonomics: Manual loading possible from an ergonomic sitting position
Spring removal with gripper: now even quicker and easier thanks to driven CNC motor.
Low energy consumption: only 300W and negligible compressed air consumption.
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