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MC54-1000-LX-021: Setting and force testing machine for wave and disk springs

We present the new model of our MC54 machine, which has been developed for setting and testing wave and disc springs and can be equipped with a special loading system.
This testing machine is equipped with an optimized design for working with minimum strokes and high loads.
The loading can be done manually or with a feeder and a special loading system. This is designed to prevent the parts from lying on top of each other and to prevent the loading of overlapping, "interlocking" parts.
The parts can then be loaded from above or from the side, depending on their geometry.

Setting: The setting station is equipped with a shock absorber that enables effective and fast setting to length or block.
Measurement: thousandths of a millimeter positioning (0.001 mm), allowing high accuracy even with this type of very stiff springs.
This machine performs force, length and stiffness checks by building up the force diagram both in compression and in release.
Software: Stores all setting and control parameters and also integrates load management.
Robustness: Hardened, wear-resistant materials and a system to prevent jamming and overlapping.

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