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LED2D-H and LED2D-B: Automatic and manual camera projectors

We would like to introduce you to the newly developed version of our manual camera profile projector LED2D, which can perform quick and easy measurements without complicated configurations.
Today we will show you the functions and differences between the new LED2D-B version and the proven LED2D-H version.
For over 15 years, our LED2D camera profile projectors have been capturing and measuring the dimensions of parts in fractions of a second.
The H model is more comprehensive and is suitable for process and final inspection. In contrast, the capabilities of the new B model are perfect when flexible and fast inspections are required without the need to create comprehensive inspection programs.

Here are the main common features:
- The "caliper" function allows:
- Manual point-to-point measurements without programming
- Automatic measurements for standard shapes such as torsion springs, compression springs, rings, ..
- Export of profiles in CAD or DXF format
- Possibility of using a "virtual foil"

Motorized focusing and use with the PMAR8 software are only available for the
LED2D-H versions and enable
- Saving and archiving of measurements
- Statistical processing and process control

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