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ID4track®: the electronic RFID labels supplied by S+P Samson

RFID labels have a key advantage. They enable the highly efficient, contactless and automated identification and localisation of products and components using radio waves from a distance (RFID = “radio frequency identification”). This makes them the key to a quick and simple implementation of automation solutions in production and logistics (Industrie 4.0 and IoT). It unlocks an enormous efficiency potential! The strengths of RFID labels really come to play in all applications in which products need to be detected, located, registered, stored or monitored automatically. However, until now there has been an obstacle regarding use in rough ambient conditions – the sensitive RFID inlay.

Demanding production environments and ambient conditions require robust RFID labels and tags to ensure that they work reliably in the long run. And this is exactly what S+P Samson’s unique, highly resistant “ID4track®” RFID labels and tags can do!

ID4track®: the extremely robust RFID labels and tags developed by market leaders S+P Samson
One of the major innovations developed by our R&D department in recent years has been the option to equip our tried and tested high-performance labels for industrial identification solutions with RFID antennas that are so robust that they can withstand demanding applications. This enables intelligent identification along your entire value chain, no matter how difficult the conditions – even in metallic environments. S+P Samson chose the brand name “ID4track®” to launch the particularly robust electronic RFID labels and tags on the world market. The special feature: we can match the exact properties of our electronic ID4track® labels exactly to your individual applications.

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