GOLDEN ASIA-: Pioneer of Evolution in Industrial of Hydraulic Cylinder

The principle of Golden Asia is “think ahead, move boldly.”, so that Golden Asia will continue to innovate and stay competitive in the industrial of hydraulics. Our professional team members have more than 40 years experiences in innovation of key components of hydraulic cylinder: cylinder tube and hard chrome piston rod, and they devote to improving machine and manufacturing process to make sure perfect quality. That’s the reason why Golden Asia’s cylinder tube and hard chrome piston rod are sold to world-renowned companies.

 Epoch-making chrome plating process for hard chrome piston shaft
The secret of producing high-quality hard chrome piston shaft is chrome plating. In the past, chrome plating process was regarded as a source of pollution, and was even seen as a dangerous worksite. However, chrome plating is the most important process when hard chrome piston rods are manufactured. To change its negative impression and ensure the safety work place to the workers, Golden Asia took the initiative to improve chrome plating machine and ensured the machine will become environmentally friendly.
To meet the highest quality demand, Golden Asia innovation team developed epoch-making chrome plating machine with our professional national team.
The machine adopts the latest technology of continuous plating, which is the new trend in the hard chrome plating industry. In the continuous chrome plating process, those semi-finished piston rods are loaded by automatic robotic arm into the production line, which prevents the operator from dangerous worksite. Afterwards, those rods from 10mm to 300mm will be chromed horizontally with our machine one after another. The used water will be evaporated and purified into air purifier, which achieves the purpose of environmental protection.

 Longest Result of Corrosion Resistance(NSS):1000 hours
Within this process, every piston rod is able to achieve constant chrome layer. Comparing with the traditional chrome plating process, our new technology ensures that the chrome layer is homogeneous, and avoids the possibility of micro-hole. Also, the result of longest salt spray test can reach to 1000 hours in NSS test.

Owing to persevering in improving chrome plating process, our professional team achieves a new milestone. Hence, Golden Asia’s piston rod and cylinder tube receive highly recommendation from worldwide leading company in the market of hydraulic cylinder and pneumatic cylinder.

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