Safal Infosoft Pvt. Ltd.

DataNote's ERP solutions promise superior data integrity & data management.

DataNote’s futuristic vision is behind the creation of its copyrighted platform called OpenLogic Technology. Their ERP products utilize this advanced technology to enable companies in leveraging superlative data governance. The OpenLogic ERP framework is made of two components – Structure Engine and Logic Engine.

Data security and privacy gaps are major concerns in several leading-edge businesses across all industries. In fact, the pandemic and following work from home culture have made those loopholes in data security more evident than ever. Therefore, many companies are now looking for strong and dynamic enterprise data security and management programs to minimize all the risk factors.

In the wake of the increased requirement of data management, business automation it becomes very necessary to have a robust centralized system in every organisation. While modern technologies can improve various aspects of enterprise management, they can also put businesses at the risk of a data breach. To mitigate this increased vulnerability of modern organizations, Mr. Dipak Makwana started Smart Business Solution (SBS) in the year 2006. In 2009 after completing his formal education Mr. Mayur Makwana joined his brother in the business in an official capacity. In the same year, SBS became a private Limited Company with the new name of SAFAL INFOSOFT PVT. LTD. In the year 2016 SAFAL INFOSOFT PVT. LTD. Launched India’s first OPENLOGIC Framework based ERP “DataNote". Today DataNote is one of India’s leading AI-Enabled Enterprise ERP, CRM & HRMS solutions and is growing year after year.

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