Avient Launches TÜV Rheinland-Certified Carbon Calculator for Scope 3 Emission Goals

CLEVELAND– December 7, 2023 – Today, Avient Corporation is proud to introduce its third-party-certified Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) Calculator, developed to evaluate the carbon footprint of Avient’s specialized and sustainable material solutions. This cutting-edge offering helps companies address the growing demand to create and meet sustainability commitments, understand the environmental impact of products, and navigate the complex landscape of reducing carbon emissions, particularly for upstream materials.  

Avient's PCF Calculator adheres to the globally recognized ISO 14067:2018 standard for calculating Product Carbon Footprint and has obtained additional third-party certification through TÜV Rheinland for ISO 14067 compliance.  

PCF is a metric that represents the total greenhouse gas emissions expressed as carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) produced throughout a product's lifecycle and is separated into three scopes. Scope 1 emissions are direct emissions owned or controlled by a company, whereas scope 2 and 3 indirect emissions result from the company’s activities but occur from sources not owned or controlled by it. Knowing the PCF for raw materials is instrumental in identifying opportunities to reduce emissions, enhance carbon removal, and improve overall product development and process efficiency.  

While many companies can measure and manage scope 1 and 2 emissions, the intricacies of obtaining specific scope 3 emissions data for raw materials can pose a challenge for those with net zero or carbon reduction targets. Avient’s PCF Calculator marks a significant breakthrough by a specialty materials solution provider, offering cradle-to-gate emissions data to customers specific to the materials that can contribute to their upstream scope 3 emissions.  

“Understanding and managing carbon footprint is crucial as the world prioritizes environmental responsibility and sustainability,” said Walter Ripple, Vice President of Sustainability at Avient.  “Our PCF Calculator empowers companies to assess their product's environmental impact based on Avient solutions and identify opportunities to reduce that impact through material selection or design. This approach is a key element in helping companies address their entire carbon footprint and reach sustainability goals.”   

As global demand for sustainability solutions rises, Avient remains at the forefront of innovation. Over the past three years, Avient has made significant strides in developing materials to enable sustainability, introducing over 40 new product lines to incorporate more recycled content, bio-derived materials, lightweighting solutions, and energy-saving technologies. This includes the industry-first carbon-neutral thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), reSound™ Ultra-Low Carbon Footprint TPE, launched in 2022.  

Avient continues to extend its commitment to sustainability by offering PCF values for its materials manufactured globally, using the PCF Calculator as a comprehensive resource for companies that are also committed to sustainability. For more information, please visit the PCF Calculator web page. 

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