Microstudio Srl

Automatic line for the setting and testing of compression springs

MicroStudio today can offer a complete automatic line solution for the control and settling of medium-sized compression springs consisting of: Feeder, loader, settling and testing machine and finally Box changer.
This line was presented for the first time at the recent Wire & Tube edition in Düsseldorf and represents a big advantage in terms of reliability and flexibility.
The line starts from the new FCF2 feeding system capable of automatically loading a wide range of springs, with a simple and fast adjustment.
An innovative adjustable tube carries the springs to the FCL2 loader which places them on the table of the MC54-150 with the adjustment, control and selection stations.
The line ends with the MC54-SEP-01 automatic box changer; a motorized roller conveyor that can manage various types of boxes (including cardboard) and manages the exchange avoiding machine downtime.
The entire system allows you to switch to a different product code in less than 20 minutes.
In addition, we have also made some improvements to the MC54-150:
– A new shock absorber is available for the setting station which sensitively manages even the most delicate setting forces.
– The new mobile console with hanging arm improves ergonomics and helps management and maintenance from each access side.

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