Norma India Ltd.

Artistry of open-die forging

At Norma USK, we're thrilled to showcase the artistry of open-die forging!  

️ Craftsmanship in Action: Shaping hot metal parts requires skillful hammering and precise pressure, transforming a simple workpiece into a masterpiece. Think of it as the artisan's touch in the world of forging.

Unleashing Limitless Possibilities: Skillful hammering and pressure molding turn molten metal into precisely configured flanges, making it the go-to for custom-designed parts.

The Art of Constant Motion: Yes, the challenge lies in the continuous movement of the workpiece. Our skilled operators and intricate mechanical controls work together, ensuring each piece is a masterpiece in motion.

Efficiency Meets Sustainability: While secondary machining adds precision, the real magic lies in the cost savings and minimal material wastage. Open die forging isn't just efficient; it's a sustainable choice for the forging future.

While closed die forging may be more automated, the artistry in open-die forging shines through in its ability to craft larger, custom-shaped parts with finesse. But wait, there's more! Norma USK doesn't just stop at open-die forging; we seamlessly blend it with closed die forging for a comprehensive forging solution.

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