World innovation offers flexible plant design

Design engineers and users are always interested in developing process plant requiring as little space as possible. Therefore they select lightweight and compact solutions saving installation time and reducing costs whilst ensuring high functionality.

Compact and flexible plant design unites various valve configurations

GEMÜ has developed a compact material-optimized globe valve range for easy and space saving installation which provides a 20 percent cost saving to the customer. The flexible plant design unites various valve configurations. “GEMÜ FlexPort Valves® are the first stainless steel industrial globe valves of spherical design which are available in different types such as 90° angle valves, 2/2-way valves or 135° angle valves whilst retaining their basic design“, says Peter Meyer, head of the Automation Department at GEMÜ.

By saving both materials and installation costs, these new globe valves are much more cost-effective, lightweight and rugged than conventional valves of the same type. Another decisive advantage: they have high flow rates. The valves are particular suitable for plants for the generation, treatment and distribution of steam and process water, as well as heating and cooling systems.

“Green technology“

With this new valve range GEMÜ follows in the tradition of GEMÜ founder Fritz Müller: the reduction of material by intelligent design. “With this world innovation we are showing once again our responsibility for the environment“, declares Peter Meyer, as less material means less energy consumption and conservation of natural resources.

Source: GEMÜ Gebr. Müller Apparatebau GmbH & Co. KG