Versatile positioning

Fast configuration and approach to positions with Web Config and Parameter Cloud

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Optimised Motion Series with EPCO: this simple, full-feature but inexpensive positioning system offers two ways of configuring up to seven or 31 positioning variants very simply and quickly. Photo: Festo AG & Co. KG

Festo's Optimised Motion Series makes positioning extremely simple. The package with electric cylinder EPCO, stepper motor EMMS-ST with servo functionality, motor controller CMMO-ST and all the necessary cables costs significantly less than conventional electric positioning systems.

The Optimised Motion Series with EPCO can be configured in two ways. Very simple and fast configuration can be carried out using Web Config and the Parameter Cloud on a server. The controller has its own IP address and a catalogue is available with all the data necessary for pre-defined and tested combinations. This means users save a great deal of time while being able to approach up to seven freely definable positions.

More complex configuration with 31 positioning variants can be realised via the Festo Configuration Tool FCT, a Festo software platform for electric drive solutions. This configuration method saves up to 70 percent of the time required with conventional solutions. Working from a PC, the control mode "Binary profile31" allows users to configure up to 31 travel steps as well as, for example, inputs for acceleration, speed, force and jerk limitation - without the need for a PLC!

Source: Festo AG & Co. KG