Versatile multi-pin connector

Series-M for up to 12 kVDC / 30 A

© GES Electronic & Service GmbH

Multi-pin high voltage connector Series-M, 12 kVDC / 30 A © 2016 Mihai Simonia/GES Electronic & Service GmbH

GES Electronic & Service – a leader in high voltage connectivity – provides a very adaptive and flexible multi-pin HV-connector. Series-M is available in 4 sizes, 5 basic types, 15 contact arrangements and 111 configurations. This master of transformation is particularly suitable in- and outside of high voltage equipment and appliances for testing & measurement technologies as well as for analysis-, laboratory- and medical-technologies and power electronics in general.

Series-M is suited for operational voltages up to 12 kVDC (testing voltage 18 kVDC) at currents of up to 30 A (max. operating current 40 A) and is available with up to 9 pins. Dependent on the connector type the insulation material is either POM or PTFE both of insulating material group 1 according to DIN IEC 60664. The robust metal housing made of nickel-plated aluminum corresponds with protection class IP54 (in mated condition) and is locked by a screw cap.

Both sides of the connection can be assembled either as plug or socket while the cable-side comes with EMC cable glands. Series-M uses silver-plated solder contacts of 2.7 mm diameter and AWG 14 (2.5 mm²) in cross section. Also one or more leading contacts can be assigned to execute a starting sequence or as an earth connection or to confirm a safety loop.

The high voltage connectors of GES Electronic & Service are worldwide proven in a multitude of HV-applications and are seen as a reliable, durable and well-engineered solution.

Source: GES Electronic & Service GmbH