The future is spatter-free with SKS Welding Systems

The Frontpull™ torch system is the alternative solution for conventional push-pull solutions. The Frontpull™ combines the wire feeder and torch in a single system.

This allows for a powerful precision wire feeding close to the weld process. With high reliability because synchronization problems between the wire feeder and the torch system are eliminated by design.

Combined with the patented micromig-cc™ welding process, the Frontpull™ torch system achieves an important industry objective: heat-reduced welding with perfect fusion penetration – along with a significant reduction of spatter.

Because of these beneficial features, micromig-cc™ is primarily used in bodywork applications, where thin sheet metal with thicknesses between 0.5 - 3.0 mm are processed.

Source: SKS Welding Systems GmbH