The Flexibly Adjustable Power Amplifier iAMP-700

Due to its adjustable amplification of 102 to 1011 V/A it is optimally suited for applications in which a conversion from small currents to manageable output voltages is required. The connection can be switched between AC and DC.

Intuitive Operational Concept All parameter settings can be carried out via a keypad and an LCD display as well as via a digital interface and, for example, a PC. The compact, EMC-compatible housing allows the use of the amplifier next to the source which can access a bias voltage in the range from -10 V to +10 V directly from the iAMP-700.

With its very high, low-noise amplification range and easy operation, the iAMP-700 is equally suited for use as a preamplifier and an output amplifier. It can be used as a universal laboratory amplifier, pulse amplifier, preamplifier for lock-ins, and A/D converter as well as for automatic measurements.

Source: Laser Components