TQ presents Obsolescence Management Award

Eleven vendors and manufacturers awarded in 2015

© TQ-Group

TQ presents Obsolescence Management Award © TQ-Group

TQ Systems, the electronics service provider and embedded specialist, presented eleven vendors and manufacturers with the Obsolescence Management Award in 2015. The winners set themselves apart through their proactive efforts in the area of discontinuations, thereby making an important contribution to ensure the long-term availability of complex products.

The number of discontinuations is rising as innovation cycles become shorter and shorter. As a result, redesigns are becoming more frequent, increasing the total cost of electronic assemblies and systems during their lifetime. TQ Systems is counteracting this trend by using active obsolescence management. Particularly in new developments, it is a great advantage to incorporate the current life cycle status of the components. Monitoring current assemblies allows clients to be proactive rather than reactive. All in all, the long-term availability of assemblies and systems benefits clients because of the considerable added value. Their products are protected against obsolete components, costly redesigns, uncertain sources and high cost Brokerware.

Information from the supply chain is absolutely necessary to be proactive in obsolescence management. For this reason, TQ Systems yet again relies on the support of vendors and manufacturers. With the TQ Obsolescence Award, which has been given annually since 2014, TQ Systems honors companies that are particularly involved and reliable in supplying information throughout the life cycle of components.

TQ presented the TQ Obsolescence Award in June 2015 for especially good support in 2014/2015 to EBV, Linear Technology, TTI, Geyer Electronic, Channel Microelectronic, Ecomal, Würth, Silica, pk components, Petermann-Technik and Avnet Memec. With this award, TQ Systems wants to thank these vendors and manufacturers for their particular commitment and to motivate others to become more active in the area of obsolescence management.

Source: TQ-Group