Stripax® ULtimate XL stripping tool

Processing tough, halogen-free insulation materials in XL format

© 2015 Weidmüller

Weidmüller adds the new stripax® ULtimate XL stripping tool to its proven stripax® range. The stripax® ULtimate XL for processing tough, halogen-free insulation materials in XL format. © 2015 Weidmüller

Weidmüller adds the new stripax® ULtimate XL stripping tool to its proven stripax® range. Application-specific cables with large cross sections and high insulation requirements are used in many areas. When it comes to stripping cables, users are constantly faced with new challenges. Weidmüller offers a reliable and safe solution with stripax® ULtimate XL: the new stripping tool is designed for cross sections ranging from 2.5 mm² to 10 mm² and effortlessly copes with the most stubborn insulation materials. Even the tough PUR sheathing materials of sensor/actuator cables with 4.1 mm to 7.2 mm diameters present no obstacle.

A unique set of blades (ERME SPX UL XL) enables practically all halogen-free insulation materials as well as UL or UL-type cables with hard or smooth insulation to be stripped quickly, cleanly and with precision in an automatic, self-adjusting process - in the cross-section range 2.5 mm² to 10 mm².

The 3-stage partial stripping function of the stripax® Ultimate XL tool can be adjusted for stripping lengths of 3 mm, 5 mm and 10 mm. This allows users to prep small stripping lengths with ease. And to enable the stripping function to be adjusted symmetrically for extremely thick insulation, such as the very soft materials used for sensors and actuators, the lower stripping jaw can be adjusted by means of a setscrew to precisely match the respective insulation thickness.

The stripax® ULtimate XL stripping tool has been optimally designed for typical areas of application such as the processing of control lines, earthing cables, motor connection and power bus cables, aluminium cables for machines with a lightweight design or for stripping and dismantling sensor/actuator cables.

Cables with insulating materials made of PE or TPE are often used to produce particularly good dielectric properties in the motor connection cables of tool machines, machining units, processing machines, production lines, assembly lines and robots. Weidmüller developed its stripax® ULtimate XL stripping tool precisely for these otherwise difficult to process halogen-free insulation materials.

The new stripping tool is also ideal for processing the new types of aluminium cables used in the automotive industry. Since aluminium is much lighter than copper, but with a lower conductivity, the typical cross-sections of copper cables are usually increased by one level for aluminium conductors with the same properties. The new stripax® ULtimate XL is ideal for this type of application too.

Whether you are using standard cables, application-specific cables or cables with large cross sections and high isolation requirements: stripax®, multi-stripax®, stripax® ULtimate and stripax® ULtimate XL combine to form an impressive team that successfully copes with practically all stripping situations.

Source: Weidmüller