Shorter production time

Consistent rail vehicle cabling from development to assembly


At Stadler © 2014 AUCOTEC AG

At Innotrans 2014 in Berlin, Aucotec AG introduced for the first time its new cabling concept for rail vehicles that offers everyone involved, from the electrical design to cable assembly, data which is networked in a database-driven manner and is thus highly consistent throughout the entire development cycle.

Designing with Aucotec's system platform Engineering Base (EB) also integrates the 3D model and allows the easy bidirectional exchange of path information and cable length calculations.

Comprehensive delta management

Not only the various design disciplines - electrical and mechanical design, pre-assembly and wiring harness assembly - are linked consistently by EB's data model and are always aware of what colleagues have developed and changed. Manufacturers can also see any design changes via a comprehensive delta management and can seamlessly integrate any changes they deem necessary into the engineering process.

The new manufacturing module for EB allows wiring harness manufacturers to create automated manufacturing documents, for example, the template diagram, from client data. The support of standard formats and extensive export options of EB Cable facilitate assembly enormously in terms of system integration as well as data exchange.

No manual work

Certain paths in rail vehicles are often overlaid with multiple cable looms running in parallel. If such a path was changed, the corrections previously had to be copied to each individual line. With EB, the synchronization of the wiring harnesses with the new path segments is sufficient and the system immediately calculates the new total length for all affected lines.

EB not only increases the speed of the manufacturer, but also creates a significantly higher quality of cabling data in design and manufacturing. Copying manually from one tool to another is now omitted throughout the entire development cycle. Changes are automatically visible immediately in every representation of the corresponding object, regardless of whether they were edited in a list, graphics or Explorer. Thus the current status of the cable layout is always transparent and visible to everyone involved.