Pulsed laser diodes with integrated FAC optics

Thus, these PLDs are particularly useful in military laser rangefinders or in friend/foe recognition.

The Divergence of the fast axis was optimized by the additional assembly of a fast axis collimation (FAC) lens that is attached directly in front of the laser diode chip. Depending on the lens used, divergences of 10 mrad can be achieved. The integration of both the chip and the lens in a small, hermetically sealed TO-46 housing is particularly advantageous. This design withstands acceleration rates of over 1000 g/ms without a problem, as is required for use in military technology.

This technology is also optionally available with 905 nm pulsed laser diodes. If the wavelength has to be controlled exactly, a thermoelectric cooler (TEC) can be integrated into a TO-8 housing.

Source: Laser Components GmbH