Polysun 5.6: flexibility improves sales

It will be able to present your system designs in minute detail and therefore achieve absolute precision in system design and calculation.
The new version of Polysun 5.6 focuses on versatility. Polysun Designer allows users to create new customised hydraulic templates or to make adjustments to existing ones. In addition, those using Polysun Designer can request a special customised report from Vela Solaris. Your design or sales departments decide which of the items included in the results will be presented in the report, which is created automatically. In this way it is easy to adapt reports to meet specific national requirements for incentive schemes or to suit the individual needs of special clients.

“We want to provide our clients with a solution that they can use in the best possible way to support sales and save time”, says Simon Geisshuesler, Vela Solaris Marketing Director. “The software Polysun gives designers unlimited flexibility both when creating a system design and when selling it. By presenting accurate results for the system you gain the confidence and trust of your clients.“

The precise depiction and simulation of a system’s yield values are essential prerequisites for selling and funding systems both small and large. The final client is not only interested in exact simulation results but also in being able to recognize a system that is depicted accurately.

New Features in Polysun 5.6

New developments
- Polysun Online for Helvetic-Energy (former Conergy Switzerland)
- A special Rheinzink report is now available in Results-Special Reports
- PVT collector database for SRCC certified collectors

Database Updates
- Photon PV Module and Inverter database update
- SRCC and SPF collector database update
- Buchs heat pump database update
- New Large solar storage tanks (Jenni)

Scheme templates
- New system diagram templates for Hoval, Soltop, 40 SunEarth Inc. schemes for the US market
- 10 typical solar thermal space heating assisted templates for North America
- 10 new solar templates in general
- 6 new schemes for commercial solar-thermal systems for California CSI

- Improved collector and boiler size recommendations in Wizard
- Cold water temperature can be automatically defined with the aid of weather data or adjusted manually.
- Pump flow-rate adjusts automatically to the available controller settings.
- The nominal hot water flow-rate adjusts automatically to the consumption rate.
- Improved choice of water tank in Wizard

Source: Vela Solaris AG