PWM’s best-selling M101 cold welder, and other manually-operated models from its comprehensive range will be in action at booth 104, presented by Joe Snee Associates, exclusive distributor for PWM’s machines, spares and dies in the US and Canada. Visitors are invited to watch demonstrations of the cold welding technique and try out the machines for themselves.

The versatile M101 cold welder for bonding copper wire .040" to .141" (1.00mm to 3.60mm) and aluminium .040" to .197" (1.00mm to 5.00mm) is also commonly used to weld profiles and strips for amouring lines. Low maintenance and simple to operate, the M101 can be used either on a workbench or supplied with a trolley, enabling the operator to wheel it quickly to the work area, saving effort and reducing downtime.

PWM’s smaller BM10 and BM30 manual welders are robust, reliable machines, designed for non-ferrous wire and strip .0039" to .071" (0.10mm to 1.80mm). They can be used on a workbench or supplied with a trolley.

The M10, M25 and M30 hand-held models will weld copper/aluminium wire .0039” to .071” (0.10mm to 1.80mm). Comfortable to hold and quick and easy to use, they are ideal for welding wire breaks in confined spaces.

PWM’s range also includes air/hydraulic, electro/hydraulic, pneumatic and electro/pneumatic powered cold welders, for wire and rod up to 25mm (.984") copper and 30.00mm (1.181") aluminium.

PWM’s cold welding equipment is designed and made to high quality standards in PWM’s own British workshops. Dies are individually hand-made in matched sets, in standard or custom sizes, to suit round or profile wire.