Optical Fibers with sculped end faces

Fiber Tips with diffusor for medical and industrial applications


Fiber Tip with Diffusor © 2014 LASER COMPONENTS GmbH

Fiber tips are microcomponents that are formed directly at the end of an optical fiber to change its emission behavior.

The interest in such optical fiber tips is growing significantly: This technology is becoming standard in many medical and industrial applications because it increases the efficiency of entire systems.

This increase results from the reduction in optical interfaces; in addition, the compact design compared to separate optical systems is also an advantage. Cumbersome adjustment is no longer necessary: fiber tips are adjustmentfree. Even external mechanical influences, such as vibrations or temperature fluctuations, do not affect the optical performance.

LASER COMPONENTS presents diffusor tips that disperse the light evenly across the length of the fiber tip. The diffusors are manufactured by carving spiral-shaped grooves into the fiber cladding with the help of CO2 lasers.

The diffusor tips ensure an even dispersion and are, therefore, well suited for applications like photodynamic therapy or tissue removal in urology.

These fiber tips are manufactured by LASER COMPONENTS' partner Polymicro Technologies in Phoenix, Arizona. Step-index, multi-mode fibers with a numerical aperture of 0.22 or 0.37 and a fiber core diameter > 200 μm are used for this purpose. Different buffer materials, connector types, and claddings are also available.

Optical Fibers with Sculped End Faces Fiber Tips with Diffusor for Medical and Industrial Applications 6th May 2014