OFS, a designer and manufacturer of fiber optic network products announced the launch of its completely gel-free, double jacket PowerGuide DT All-Dielectric Self-Supporting (ADSS) cable.

OFS’ PowerGuide DT cable enables faster deployment and helps lower installation costs through reduced cable preparation time, with a span length capability of up to 1,500 feet and fiber counts from two up to 288 fibers. This cable’s flexible buffer tubes allow for ease of routing and management within closures as compared to similar gel-filled cable products, but are rugged enough to pass the stringent IEEE 1222 sheave test for installation durability. The 100 percent gel-free construction may allow for light duty attachment hardware costing on average 40 percent less per pole than comparable gel-filled cables on a typical 250 foot span due to lower loaded tension.

Double-jacket ADSS Optimized for FTTH Deployments
The PowerGuide DT ADSS cable is a double-jacket ADSS design optimized for power distribution networks, FTTH deployments and for self-supporting aerial use, direct use in ducts, aerial-to-duct transitions and aerial-to-underground installations. The PowerGuide DT cable is the newest member of the OFS PowerGuide ADSS product line which includes PowerGuide ShortSpan DT cable, one of the world’s leading ADSS cables for distribution applications and a key component of OFS’ FOX Solution for Home and Business.

Totally gel-free PowerGuide DT ADSS cable offers the following benefits as an effect of removing gels and filling compounds:

    • Enables substantial savings on installation time and labor costs. Field technicians can experience up to 80 percent time reduction for cable end preparation, when compared to similar gel-filled ADSS cables.


    • Significantly lowers overall cable weight for easier handling and lower operating tensions on the poles.


  • Allows faster splicing with higher first pass yields due to cleaner work environment
    Minimizes or eliminates the need for special solvents, resulting in less waste and more environmentally-friendly cable.