New thermoplastic polyimide designed for prolonged exposure to extreme temperatures

This unique new grade not only delivers unprecedented heat resistance, but also opens vast new design possibilities by providing exceptional dimensional stability for thin-wall molding. Extem UH resin underscores SABIC Innovative Plastics' ongoing investment in high-end thermoplastic technologies and the company's proactive efforts to track and address fast-evolving customer needs.

Aircraft Connector Springs Can be Made Using SABIC Innovative Plastics’ Extem* UH Resins.

Using Extem UH resin, customers in the automotive, aerospace, semiconductor, electrical and chemical industries can achieve superior mechanical performance vs. polyetheretherketone (PEEK); greater system cost advantages vs. cross-linked polyamide imide (PAI); much improved design freedom vs. ceramics; and broader metal replacement opportunities in applications where no previous resins were available.

"Our new Extem UH resin grade clearly illustrates SABIC Innovative Plastics' technology leadership and how we are delivering new breakthrough solutions to customers facing escalating continuous use temperature requirements for critical applications," said Peter Catsman, global product marketing leader, High Performance Products, SABIC Innovative Plastics. "Extem UH resin is a unique material that meets the key challenges of ultra-high-performance end products with excellent strength and stiffness for thin wall designs, lower weight than metals or thermosets, and cost-effective processing."

First Unfilled Thermoplastic to Meet UL 746B Standard at 260C

With its high glass transition temperature, new Extem UH 1019 resin is the first unfilled thermoplastic to achieve a continuous use temperature rating of 260C according to UL 746B. Although PEEK - a semi-crystalline material - offers similar heat performance, its mechanical properties may not withstand high continuous use temperatures. In contrast, Extem UH 1019 resin delivers eight times better stiffness, as well as superior creep and extreme low thermal expansion performance. These properties enable the design of thin walls and complex shapes with high dimensional stability, as well as the potential for weight-out.

Compared to PAI, which requires cross-linking that impacts yields, Extem UH 1019 resin uses simple, high-yield injection molding and extrusion processes and can be recycled.

Further, Extem UH 1019 resin has the potential to replace ceramic and metal in applications where thermoplastics are not suitable. In these cases, the SABIC Innovative Plastics material brings advantages of weight-out, excellent design flexibility and system cost reduction.

Extem resins are inherently flame retardant without the use of halogenated additives that can pose environmental risks and raise regulatory compliance issues.

Potential applications include wire and cable insulation, high performance connectors and accessories, semicon plasma chamber components and pickup systems, high heat film, bearing cages, gears, membranes, stockshapes and composites.

* Trademarks of SABIC Innovative Plastics IP B.V.

Source: SABIC Innovative Plastics IP B.V.