New competence centre for oil shale technology

For this purpose, the engineering and plant construction specialist has taken over the knowhow and staff of UMATAC Industrial Processes Inc., Calgary, a subsidiary of the AECOM Technology Corporation.

UMATAC had developed innovative technology, the Alberta Taciuk Process (ATP), for extracting hydrocarbons from oil shale or oil sand. As one of the leading engineering specialists on the cement and minerals sectors, Polysius satisfies stringent market requirements with regard to productivity and operating economy. One key factor is a high degree of plant automation using the own-name range of process monitoring, control, regulation and optimisation systems, as well as systems for ensuring constant product quality. ATP Processor technology ideally supplements the Polysius portfolio of products and services on the "Minerals" sector.

Polysius is currently working with UMATAC on the construction of a plant for extracting oil from oil shale in China. This plant will be put into service shortly.

Source: ThyssenKrupp AG,