New OSP Copper Cable Improves DSL Performance

This new cable is placed between cross connect cabinets and Remote Terminals (RT) cabinets, where DSL access modems are typically located. The tightly twisted pairs in this cable are designed to minimize the negative effects of crosstalk interference that typically occurs in DSL wire bundles.

In a recent customer trial, the replacement of standard OSP cable with the new Tight Twist shielded cable design resulted in substantially improved DSL data rates where DSL concentration was high in the RT.

The TT 200-Pair OSP cable represents the latest copper cable from Superior Essex designed expressly to improve DSL performance. Other complementary products include; 25-Pair CAT 5e shielded cable, un-jacketed Tight Twist Core Cable, and Tight Twist Cross Connect Wire. Collectively, these tight twisted cable and wire products make an excellent choice for tying together broadband equipment during deployment of xDSL services.