More sustainability and better workplace conditions with the EXACTCAST™ OPTIMA

However, an efficient combination of existing technologies has been achieved only in the most recent developments. A completely new generation of risers has thus emerged, combining benefits in application with environmental advantages and better conditions at the workplace.

EXACTCAST™ OPTIMA by ASK Chemicals offers all the advantages of the quality click-clack riser with a loose integrated metal neck. The break edge technology helps to reduce cleaning costs and enables a very small attachment area, which makes it easier to position the riser on complicated casting geometries. The use of loose integrated metal necks makes the riser extremely easy to handle for the foundry employees.

In addition, the volume can be varied in several ways, which ensures numerous application options. And, last but not least, the production process and the sealing lid contribute greatly to reducing the overall cost of the system considerably. At the same time, they offer the advantage of light risers with high process reliability, and efficient feeding as part of the casting process. A strong combination that is both efficient and attractive for foundries.

Technology for sustainability and improved workplace conditions

Especially the fluorine-free version of the EXACTCAST™ OPTIMA contributes to sustainable production. Besides reducing surface defects and graphite degeneration, the lower disposal costs incurred enable large savings. The use of fluorine-free risers also significantly reduces the fluorine content in the return and waste sand, so that its disposal at a waste disposal site without extensive additional costs is acceptable. A further positive effect:

Since carcinogenic fibers are avoided, there are no harmful substances in the work environment of the foundry employees. To further optimize the sustainability of the EXACTCAST™ OPTIMA series with the aim of offering a completely inorganic riser, the EXACTCAST™ OPTIMA risers will also be available with a metal lid.

Source: ASK Chemicals GmbH