Metallurgical process allows production of two vanadium products

Vanadium electrolyte is employed in vanadium flow batteries used for utility scale energy storage. Vanadium pentoxide or purple flake is used as a steel strengthener and also has applications in the chemical and titanium sectors. This promising application will produce considerable demand for vanadium and will significantly contribute to the addition of intermittent renewable sources into the electrical grids.

Vanadium is a key alloying metal that reinforces steel. The material application is growing in the next generation lithium-vanadium batteries and mass energy storage.

President and CEO of the company, Bill Radvak stated that the pilot scale testing demonstrates importance of American Vanadium’s metallurgical process. The testing proves that the metallurgical process can create higher value vanadium products by addressing the growing requirements of the steel industry. The company will be utilizing the output materials to continue off-takes with steel firms and joint ventures and collaborations with vanadium flow battery technology and production companies. Currently, American Vanadium is focusing on the Gibellini Vanadium Project in Nevada, US.

Source: American Vanadium